We connect the world to the Arabian Gulf, offering predictable air freight services on a set schedule, with a specific airline, at a standard rate.  

We provide expert air freight services between the world and Dubai – the gateway to and from the Arabian Gulf. Learn more about our:

The primary value we deliver to import customers as an air freight forwarder is consistency. We have built out consolidation services – with weekly consolidations from the U.S., Asia, and Europe – and can offer you airfreight services on a set schedule, with a specific airline, at a standard rate.  As a result, your service is both cost-effective and predictable.

For air export clients, we offer a dedicated, IATA-accredited airfreight team, with dangerous goods certified professionals that are experienced at moving everything from the smallest courier shipments to full charters.

We operate airfreight warehouses at Dubai International and Dubai World Central Airports, with operators available 24 hours a day for AOG (aircraft on ground) services and express import shipments.

Our dedicated business unit for air freight forwarding ensures you work with specialists who can provide the advice you need -- on import and export requirements, customs regulations, licenses, consular documentation and payment practices.

International shipping is always complex. Work with one of the region’s top air freight forwarders to ensure you gain the full benefits and advantages air freight has to offer