We are one of the region’s largest freight forwarders for new cars, whether it's a single dedicated container or large volume shipments of a hundred cars or more. 

The lack of auto manufacturing in the Gulf States and Africa created a demand for re-export of passenger cars and commercial vehicles out of UAE.  Since, 1989, Globelink West Star Shipping has provided flexible, secure, and cost effective auto transport services, primarily serving the huge and growing auto export market out of UAE.

Auto transport is different than other shipping. That means it’s extra important to choose an expert.

We are proud to be one of the region’s largest freight forwarders for new cars and we are specialists in all types of auto transport – from a single dedicated container to large volume shipments of a hundred cars or more.

Dubai Auto Transport Solutions

  • Dedicated Auto Transport Business Unit with a team of auto transportation specialists
  • Dedicated container auto transport (individual car)
  • Consolidated container shipping (3-4 cars)
  • Ro-Ro services
  • Large volume bookings (100+ vehicles)
  • Customs documentation and clearances

Why choose Globelink West Star for Auto Transport Services in Dubai, UAE?

  • Get expert advice. For more than 25 years, we have fine-tuned our processes for executing this specialised service reliably and cost effectively. We have staff dedicated to car shipping in the Middle East who can advise you on the rules, efficient loading procedures, the carriers, and the rates.
  • Leverage our size and scale. Many shipping companies can offer auto transport services to and from the Middle East. Few have the experience and capability to move 150 cars in a week, like GLWS.
  • Reduce costs. We ship cars 3 and 4 to a container when many other shipping companies may only ship 2. These proven loading techniques can cut your costs by 30% to 50%.