We provide intermodal logistics planning and support for multiphase projects and for clients in the hospitality industry, providing coordination and delivery during the project and ongoing replenishment of goods once the project is completed.

Sometimes shipping is not “one size fits all.” Coordinating logistics for the hospitality industry and large-scale capital projects is a great example. That’s why we have specialists focused on each area. Click below to learn about:

Our project cargo services were developed to support oil and gas industry projects, exhibition logistics, and large development projects in the Middle East.

We have the experience and the specialised equipment to handle oversized cargo. In addition, our freight experts can coordinate every last detail of international shipping and last-mile delivery of supplies, freeing you up to manage other on-site details.

Our hospitality logistics services focus on hotel and resort development.  We not only provide logistics support during construction, we handle regular delivery of operating supplies to properties after they are completed.