Our corporate social responsibility initiatives are holistic and mainly focus on addressing the various pressing social and humanitarian issues especially in India, Nepal and U.A.E. The company and its employees believe in promoting a strong sense of responsibility towards the upliftment of poor and needy as well as addressing critical humanitarian concerns in the best possible manner. We are actively pouring our part for ruling out plenty of social issues through our communal improvement programs.

Here are few among a myriad of CSR activities held under Globelink West Star Shipping:

Globelink West Star Shipping has sponsored 13 schools across India joining hands with EKAL Vidyalaya Foundation with a pointed objective to make education possible for many rural and tribal children, who can’t afford the quality education. It has been an act magnanimity on the part of Globelink West Star Shipping in association with EKAL Vidyalaya extending strong support to this noble cause. This noble gesture has facilitated providing over 400 poor children with free education and also empowering 13 villages in rural India. The EKAL Vidyalaya Foundation primarily focuses on education programs on tribal and other underprivileged communities in rural India.

Globelink West Star Shipping continues to involve with various philanthropic and charitable activities within UAE and outside especially for the poor and needy from time to time.

Brick by brick event in Dubai on Ekal Vidyalaya

The Indian Consulate in Dubai had organized an event “Brick by Brick” on 24th June 2018 to facilitate the patrons of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundations in Dubai.

Mr Subhash Chandra, Chairman, Zee TV, the media baron and Member of the Indian Parliament was the chief guest. The event was organized to commemorate the outstanding achievements made by Ekal movement in raising funds for their schools in India and Nepal.

Mr. Sreekumar, Director (Commercial), seen in the picture from right, received the felicitation award on behalf of Globelink West Star Shipping from Mr. Subhash Chandra.

Addressing the gathering, S. Chandra gave his thanks to Dr Harshad Mehta and Dubai Ekal Team patrons including Globelink West Star shipping, who are the front-runners for this movement in Dubai. Mr. Subhash Chandra felicitated the patrons for the noble cause of social upliftment of the poor and needy segments of our society.

GLWSS’s in-house magazine “Wemag”

Imagine a world where you can exchange ideas with our colleagues without saying a word. Imagine creating a new world within our office walls. Using in-house magazines, an organization can enrich and strengthen bonds between employees by a large extent.

A good-looking, professionally created publication that creates an unforgettable experience for our staff is definitely going to make a difference providing greater & valuable insight into their professional and personal life.

Globelink West Star Shipping’s in-house magazine called “Wemag” started in the year 2013. The stated objectives and roles of Wemag have become more expansive with incarnation in new forms namely “Wemag Charity” and “Wemag Cares”

Wemag Charity

WemagCharity channelled the message amongst our 750+ strong employees that simple acts of kindness such as giving to charity or expressing gratitude have a positive effect on our long-term moods.

The overwhelming support & encouraging responses from staff to the various Wemag Charity drives gathered contributions that helped to cure the miseries of poor and needy from time to time.

“Wemag Cares”

“Wemag Team” always believes, innovation & ideas have no boundaries. “Wemag Cares” initiated stunning events & activities that provided a perfect unwinding experience to our 750+ strong employees.

All these noble initiatives played perfectly to the tune of organization’s objective i.e. “One-in-Unity”. All these enabling environments aired a profound message “If everyone is moving together, then success takes care of itself”.

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